Estes Design
All inclusive Design, Construction, Monitoring and Research

EDI is a small company that has lead the southeast in the field of storm water infiltration through years of field research and implementation. We are hands on, detail oriented and prefer to construct the projects that we design. Some projects we monitor for many years. This gives us the advantage of knowing what designs work, what fails and why. 

Estes Design provides cutting edge Low Impact Development (LID) storm water and environmental restoration knowledge & experience in our region. The combined years of practical experience, knowledge and commitment to this field provides our clients with an extremely focused and high quality resource. 

Philosophy: Design with nature 

Chris is a graduate of the University of Georgia School of Environmental Design and holds a B.S. in Landscape Architecture.  He has 11 years of experience working for the City of Charlotte, North Carolina, where he assisted in initiating key environmental concepts and research for the Stormwater Services division.  Since 2000, Chris has been the president of Estes Design, Inc.  

For well over a decade Estes Design has collaborated with special consultants in design and research initiatives to produce the best science based strategies available.

Craig Allan, PhD, (Research Associate)
Key Role: Research Consultant

Bruce K. Ferguson, (Special Consultant)
Key Role: Storm Water consultant

2011 American Society of Landscape Architects, NC Chapter 
Storm Water Infiltration in Clay Soils

2009 American Public Works Association, KY Chapter
Project of the Year, Pervious Concrete Parking Lot, City of Frankfort

2004 American Society of Landscape Architects, NC Chapter
Natural and Designed Plunge Pool Morphology In Urban Stream Systems

1996 American Society of Landscape Architects, NC Chapter
Dairy Branch Stream Restoration
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