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Virtual 2021 IECA Environmental Connection
Estes hosted a round table on Porous Pavements.

Raleigh NC, 2020 IECA Environmental Connection
Estes Co-presented with Bill Hunt on Low impact Development and Green Infrastructure.

Denver Co, 2019 IECA Environmental Connection
Estes presented Permeable Pavement & Infiltration and Designing Scour.

Long Beach CA, 2018 IECA Environmental Connection
Estes presented on Pervious Concrete Infiltration.

Atlanta GA, 2017 IECA Environmental Connection
Estes presented on Porous Pavement and Stormwater Infiltration.

Madison AL, 2016  Clear Water Alabama annual conference
Estes presented on stormwater infiltration in clay soils and watershed research.

San Antonio TX, 2016  IECA Environmental Connection
Estes presented Reversing Urban Hydrology in Piedmont clay soils using infiltration and pervious concrete.

Austin, TX, 2015 Stormcon
Estes presented on stormwater infiltration research and urban hydrology.

Portland OR, 2015 IECA Environmental Connection
Estes presented on stormwater infiltration research and urban hydrology.

Atlanta GA, 2015 Atlanta Municiple Wet Weather Conference
Estes presented stormwater infiltration in piedmont clay soils and reversing urban hydrology.

San Diego CA, 2014 NPCPA Paving Paradise
Estes presented on proper design of pervious concrete for infiltration.

Raleigh NC, 2014 NCDENR BMP Manual Committee
Estes presented with Megan Gray, UNCC research " The Effect of A Permeable Pavement Parking Lot on Runoff ..."

City of Lynchburg VA, 2014
Estes presented to city staff on stormwater infiltration and Piedmont clay soils.

Atlanta GA, 2014 A presentation for the City of Atlanta Watershed Protection
Estes presented on porous pavements, stormwater infiltration and clay soils.

Raleigh NC, Tri-State 2014 Conference NC American Society of Landscape Architects
Estes presented on reversing urban hydrology through stormwater infiltration and porous pavements.

Columbus OH, 2013 Central Ohio Stormwater and Erosion Control Expo
Estes Design Presented on Stormwater Infiltration for the attendees in Columbus Ohio on February 20th. Chris spoke on the merits of Stormwater Infiltration and Pervious Pavements.

Cruz Bay St. John U.S. Virgin Islands, 2012 NPCPA Conference

Estes Design conducted a one day seminar with Auburn Universty for the National Pervious Concrete Pavement Assoc. Pervious in Paradise in St. John, August 6-12. Chris spoke on Pervious Pavements & Infiltration and NC BMP Manual, Chapter 18 Updates.

NC Sustainable Engineering Conference, 2012
Estes Design conducted a half day seminar on improved pavements, stormwater & Water quality. Catawba College Center for the Environment in Salibury NC. Chris spoke on Stormwater runoff, Water Quality regulation, Stormwater Infiltration and Permeable Pavements.

Raleigh NC, 2012 APWA-NC Annual Conference
Estes Design presented research and case studies on Storm Water Infiltration to the American Public Works Association at the June 2012 APWA NC Chapter Conference APWA NC Conference, Concord NC.
Seattle WA, 2012 International Concrete Sustainability Conference,
The Concrete Sustainability Conference 2012 invited Estes Design to make presentations on Stormwater Infiltration in Clay Soils and Regulation May 7-10 in Seattle,WA.
Myrtle Beach SC, 2012 LTAP Stormwater Course
The Clemson University T3S invited Estes Design to teach a one day course Intorduction to On-site Stormwater Management (June 13, 2012 in Columbia SC ).
Charlotte NC, 2012 Pervious Concrete:
Bruce Ferguson has made presentations on Pervious Concrete Pavement at seminars in Charlotte arranged by Estes Design.
  • Bruce Ferguson - Porous Pavement

  • Estes Design - Piedmont Applications of Porous Pavement
  • Bruce Ferguson has nationally-renowned knowledge and experience in storm water infiltration. He is Professor of Landscape Architecture and Director of the School of Environmental Design at the University of Georgia. He is a landscape architect who has specialized in environmental management of urban watersheds.

    Ferguson recently completed the first comprehensive guide to porous pavements; a new technology, which he says, is “potentially the biggest development in urban watersheds since the invention of the automobile.” Porous Pavements was released by CRC Press in early 2005. For his research, Ferguson surveyed 280 installations of all kinds of porous pavements, in all parts of North America.